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Florida drivers license check

It is not uncommon that a license plate search leads to a Florida drivers license check. A lot of information related to your driving history is stored in driving records. Did you know that your driving record can be extremely important information, and that it is readily available to you?

Although you might think that this is not a big deal, in reality what happens is that it is also being used by various authorities, agencies and companies for several checks, whenever they believe they have a reason to do so. Your car insurance - including a no deposit car insurance, or a short term car insurance - can be affected by it. The information might show up at a job interview. Or you might be summoned to attend a traffic school. All triggered by a simple license plate search. 


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In the United States of America every day people get traffic tickets because they did not adhere to one of the many traffic rules and laws. Some infractions are relatively harmless, like double parking. Other violations can be more dangerous and should definitely be acted upon. Just imagine a drunk driver causing a severe accident in which another person is hurt, or worse could die. Alcohol and traffic do not mix very well, and should always be avoided.

Florida drivers license check

Of the approximately 25 billion traffic tickets that are being given every year throughout all America, any infraction will be recorded by the government authorities on your driving record. Although every state has its own regulations, in Florida your driving record usually contain data on your driving history (which is normally going back for at least 10 years) and holds all details in relation to any speeding points you might have, traffic violations you have committed and all other traffic offenses you may have done.

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You might already guess why this record is so important. It can and will be used by various companies and authorities to check on your history. There a little ways to prevent a, also if you are living in Florida drivers license check.

For instance, many people most likely do not know that their driving records can be of influence with the decision to hire you for a job. Suppose that you are making an application for a job opening which will require that you drive a lot to visit clients or suppliers. This in itself can already become a serious issue. Now, if you have to drive with company vehicles, cars that might have the company logo on both sides of the car, it is pretty obvious and almost certain that they will do a drivers license check. And should that record turn out to be unfavorable for you, you will have a lot of explaining to do. And probably not pass the application for that position.

It is not that difficult to understand why companies do this. They clearly do not want to hire someone who can be or become a major insurance liability.
You might wonder why this then is important to them if you are not going drive a company vehicle. Basically, they want to do a driver license check in order to see your level of personal responsibility. Imagine you have a traffic conviction for driving under influence of alcohol reported on your record. This will clearly get you into problems during your job interview.

Another situation where your driving record is very relevant is when you need to get a car insurance. It does not matter if this is a temporary car insurance, sometimes also called a short term car insurance, or a permanent contract, you can be certain that your driving record will be requested from the Florida department of motor vehicles, the DMV. Should you have one or several violations or even an accident recorded on your file, you better be prepared to pay a substantially higher insurance rate or premium.

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Note that all driving records can be accessed by all the insurance companies - small or big. Clearly the best thing to do is to stay out of trouble, adhere to the traffic rules and laws, and always drive safely and responsible. As already mentioned earlier, drinking and driving should never ever be done. 

Alternatively, if you for whatever reason got some points, it is pretty important that you do all that is possible and within your ability to keep as little things like the above on your driving record. So, make sure you ask for instance the court how to get any information on your record expunged. Otherwise, accept the consequences that can results from your records.

Short term car insurance

In general, there a several reasons you might not even have thought of, that can cause your driver license to be suspended. Many people only tend to think that having committed a traffic violation which has resulted in points is the main reason. Although this is certainly a contributor, it is for sure not the only one. Your Florida drivers license can also get a status of suspended for things not related to a traffic ticket or a serious criminal infraction like for instance drunk driving.

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You might have been requested to go to a traffic school, and have not completed that. Should you fail for whatever reason to attend and complete a traffic school in Florida when this is ordered by court, you run the risk that your Florida drivers license will be suspended. It does not matter if this concerns a traffic school appointed by the court, or a school that you have selected yourself. If you do not show up and follow the training course, suspension of your license is very likely. Should this really happen, you are required and expected to get into contact with the traffic court of Florida - the one that issued you the traffic ticket in the first place - and still comply and fulfill any of the outstanding requirements they have raised, as well as pay a fee for re-instatement of your drivers license.

Another situation that can and most likely will suspend your license is the lack of valid car insurance. It does not matter if this is a temporary car insurance, longer or short term car insurance, you are obliged by the state to have insurance.

The state of Florida has minimum requirements for car insurance that will have to be met. This holds true for all cars that are in possession of a valid license plate. A simple check learns that you should have at least 2 coverages with each having a minimum value. The first one is a $10,000 coverage for PIP, which is an abbreviation for Personal Injury Protection. The second coverage is for PDL, which is short for Property Damage Liability, and also has to have a minimum value of $10,000.

In the case that you do not satisfy these minimum car insurance coverages, you should seriously expect to get your drivers license to be suspended. This can last as long as up to three whole years, unless you are able to provide proof to the authorities of Florida that you have either temporary car insurance or longer term insurance. Also, you are fined a fee of at least $150 for negligence, which by the way can go up to as high as $500.


These are just two reasons to get a possible suspension of your drivers license. There are however many more infractions that can affect your ability to drive a car in Florida.
Earlier we mentioned that failure to complete the traffic school can result in suspension. This is not the only time you might be requested to attend. If you are called upon to appear on a traffic summons and you fail to show up, you are equally in trouble.

You might have inadequate vision, which obviously can lead to dangerous situations on the road since you are less able to safely and quickly assess a traffic situation where rapid responses are needed.

More sadly, anyone who has committed a traffic violation which has led to personal injury or even death is most certainly suspended from driving a car. This does not need a lot of explanation. That person has caused a lot of grieve because of loss of control over the vehicle. Once this has been investigated and the true reasons for this to happen are known, corrective actions are absolutely required. Until all of this has happened, disqualification from driving is the only logical thing that has to be done.

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And the list goes on and on. Remember that suspension of someone´s drivers license is done to protect all road users. Safety on the road is very important, as well as responsible behavior. Enforcement of the traffic rules and the law ensures that everybody benefits.

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Drivers license check

Now that we have made it clear that it is important to know what is recorded on your driving record with the Florida DMV, you might ask yourself just how exactly you are able to perform a Florida drivers license check.

There are basically two methods to go about doing this. The easy way is to do an online check. You can find several companies online (third party advertisers) that offer a service to check you driving records online. Doing this may probably cost you a little bit more, but it is certainly worth considering as you will receive the information a lot quicker than if you order it through the Florida licensing division. Some are specialized in just that service, others target a broader group of people and offer all kinds of background checks.

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Ordering your driving record online has several advantages. If you decide to get your personal drivers license history via such a company, you will have it instantly. You simply visit their website, enter the required information, and several clicks later you will find out all the information that is on your driving record. All from the ease of for instance your home.

The report that will be provided by the company normally at least shows information on the license holder, the license status, and other details like date of issuance, date of expiration, any violations that the driver has committed, driver license points, traffic ticket and fines, accidents in which the driver has been involved any suspensions that may be active, and other actions. Definitely valuable information to know, and plan your actions accordingly.

The other method is by contacting the DMV office in Florida, the Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles authority.
If you call them and ask them for a license status update. The DMV agent attending you will not be able to provide you all the details of your driving record though by telephone. As such, making this request to the DMV by phone is basically for ease of mind purposes only. The information provided this way will be enough for you to assess whether you are driving legally.

Finally you can visit the DMV personally, or submit a written request. This might especially useful if you need to get certified driving records. Clearly a certified record is official and is required in certain circumstances. You can order your own driving history of either three years, seven years, or the complete history.

You will have to submit a written request to the state of Florida, in which you need to include your full name, your social security number, your date of birth and the number of you Florida drivers license. Note that the DMV will charge a fee for this request, and you will have to include the fee with your request.
You can submit it to either a tax collector which offers record services, a clerk from court which offers driving record services, or a Florida drivers license office. Any of these three state offices will do.
This request for information can take up to two weeks. You can try to expedite it by asking for a next day delivery. 

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After you made a Florida drivers license check, and assured that it does not contain any false our outdated information, you can start your search for a good car insurance. Since you know are well informed on you history, you should be able to estimate what possible reactions and quotes from insurance companies can be.


Should you have a drving record that is not clean, most companies will charge you higher policy rates. Which makes sense as after all you have shown that your driving can be a liability. You already know that your record will be cleaned after some time. So it is advisable to not go out and search for an annual car insurance with a hig rate, but in stead look for short term car insurance. You should at least do so while you still have a driving record with several infractions.

A temporary car insurance is a short term car insurance that provides coverage for a period anywhere from 1 day up to 28 days. You can get the best quotes that companies are offering you for your situation, and once the period has expired, you can simply repeat the entire process. By applying this flexible apporach, you prevent that you end up paying too much for a too long period. Becuase you simply ask for new quotes after a couple of days, and if your current insurance company is not giving you any favorable rates, you are at liberty to simply move to another company. Or use other offers as leverage during negotiation.

Temporary car insurance

There are more advantages of having a temporary car insurance. For instance if you need to bring your car to the garage for a longer term repair, and are in need of transportation, i.e. another car, a short term policy is the perfect product for you.
You can also use it to claim a huge no claim discount on any existing insurance policy you may have. Having temporary insurance on another car will not at all harm your current policy. Should you have to make a claim, it will be on the short term one, not the existing one.

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If you are in a hurry, and need coverage immediately, a temporary car insurance is ideal. You can simply go online and shop around with several providers. They can provide you with an instant quote via the web, and if you like the rate, and the terms and conditions, you can at the same time buy and activate it. This will certainly take out any stress that the urgent situation might have caused.

Did you know that you can also get extra short term car insurance coverage for other drivers? This is extremely handy and convenient if a relative or a good friend of yours asks you if they can borrow your car for a day. Normally any accident would affect your insurance and hence your rate. However, now you have that covered with the temporary car insurance.

In general anybody with a valid drivers license should be eligible for a short term car insurance. It is important that the license is in effect for at least a year. So for any young drivers who only recently got their drivers license, unfortunately this is not feasible. You would have to wait until that first year has passed.

However, if your driving record shows any major offenses, or a disqualification, you will most likely not be able to get it. That is why doing your Florida drivers license check is so important. By assuring that your record is clean, or does at least not show any major infractions, you know you have a very good change of getting a car insurance with a favorable quote. And before you accept it, you should always first try to cash in on any of your no claims discounts.

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